About Us

The adoption of the vacuum cleaners in India has been pretty slow. Because of the cheap labour, people still believed in the manually sweeping and mopping the house. With the onset of pandemic and the labour shortage, people had to rely on themselves for cleaning the home. This is when the realized that it is important to get a reliable vacuum cleaner that can clean their home and reduce the efforts as well. This is the story of the improved adoption rates of vacuum cleaner in India. However, because of the limited knowledge available, many people struggle with the purchase.

You would also not find many blogs in India which are dedicated for the vacuum cleaners. This was an opportunity for me to help you with the purchase of vacuum cleaner and to deliver quality content to you. With this aim in mind, I started the blog www.vacuumcleanerportal.in. This is the only premium Indian blog that talks about the vacuum cleaners and stuff around the vacuum cleaners. On this blog, you find information around the vacuum cleaners, buying guides for vacuum cleaners and the product reviews. Usually, these are the resources that you would need before you purchasing a vacuum cleaners.

With help of this blog, you can check product reviews and other important information that matters. I don’t believe in the concept of paid reviews because I don’t want you to suffer because of meager sum of money that I may get because of the paid reviews. In such a case, I always do my research and I try as many vacuum cleaners as possible before really recommending something to you. My aim is also to keep you aware of the new products in the market. For example, I am a strong advocate of automations since that makes it easy for you to manage such things. With that in mind, I also reviewed many robot vacuums since that is the future.

This is a new community that I have started and with your contribution, feedback and suggestions, I will be able to expand it and help other readers as well to choose the best possible vacuum cleaners in India. I request you to keep sharing the feedback with me and if you notice any miss or any improvement area, please leave a comment. With this, I, Sachin Sahu would sign-off and hope for support from you. Before you move on, please bookmark the website and share it with your friends and families to help them choose the good quality vacuum cleaners.