Cleaning is something that no one enjoys doing. People in India are fortunate that they have vacuums to assist them in making household cleaning work a little easier. Finding the greatest vacuum cleaner for your home, on the other hand, is not that straightforward. There are simply too many options to choose from. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the top vacuum cleaners for the home available in India.

Cleaning is something that most of us despise, especially when we have dogs or children in the house. The more you make an effort to keep your place clean, the more you’ll come to believe that it’s a mess.

Choose a cleaner that is appropriate for your needs based on the size of the space, the number of areas, and the compactness of the space. You will no longer have to endure long cleaning hours.

Before you do anything, you need to determine why you need a cleaning, which can be accomplished by taking a look around your property. Examine the dimensions of the rooms, the surface of the floor, and the stairwells. These are fundamental considerations that can influence your selection of vacuum cleaners, especially when you do not purchase vacuum cleaners on a yearly basis.

Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

In the event that you have a larger room, you will demand a strong upright vacuum cleaner, and if you have stairs, you will require a lightweight stick vacuum that would be easy to transfer from one level to another. Furthermore, if you have a variety of floor kinds, you can select a cleaner that can modify it to meet the needs of each surface type.

Have a look at the top 7 best selling Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaner in India:

1. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX (1200 Watt)

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX

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In terms of size and power, this Eureka Forbes Quick Cleaner is indeed a powerful vacuum cleaner that comes with a good selection of functions and accessories. A strong suction motor with such a 1200 W rating ensures that you receive a thorough cleaning with this model. Due to the presence of a foot-operated voltage on/off button as well as a cable winder switch, this vacuum is simple to operate.

The automated cord winder simplifies the process of winding the cord by requiring only a single push of a button. It also contains a dirtbag full indicator, which alerts you when the dustbin is full is nearly full, allowing you to clear the dust canister before it becomes overflowing.

With this vacuum, you’ll also receive a variety of accessories, including an adjustable hose pipe, 2 extension tubes, one-floor cum carpeting brush, one crevice nozzle, one upholstered nozzle, or four paper bags, among others. Because it is equipped with three swivel wheels, this ergonomic design canister vacuum will meet all of your cleaning needs while providing excellent mobility and ease of handling. There is also a 1-year warranty included with this item, so one can buy this cleaner from Eureka Forbes. 

In the home, the portable vacuum cleaner is ideal for thorough cleaning furniture & dry surfaces, as well as cleaning carpets. It has a strong suction that successfully removes dust and debris that has become firmly embedded in the furniture. 

This cleaner comes with a variety of accessories that will assist you in fully cleaning every area of the house. A number of additional features are available, including swivel wheels that allow you to move around freely while cleaning, and an automatic cable winder that allows you to store the cleaner’s cord in a convenient location when it is not in use.


  • It’s small and lightweight, making it quite portable.
  • Each attachment is designed to be used for a specific cleaning function, and they are all included.
  • With this vacuum, you’ll get a dust bag full indication as well as an automatic cord winder button.
  • Power on/off is controlled by a foot pedal, which eliminates the need to bend to start and stop the machine.
  • It is compact, and fashionable, with a high-capacity vacuum of 1200W for thorough cleaning
  • It also has a vacuum control on the handle, which allows you to regulate the airflow.


  • It is not effective at removing tough stains.

2. Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX (1150-Watt)

Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX

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With the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner, you can thoroughly clean your home of dust and debris. This lightweight gadget provides excellent performance and powerful suction, allowing you to keep your home clean and sparkling all of the time. It also has dual-use, as it could be used to wipe both wet & dry surfaces, ensuring that your living environment is as clean as possible.

This wet and dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with the Quick Clean Plus feature as well as an 1150 W motor, which provides powerful suction & blower functionality, respectively. These qualities aid in the removal of deeply entrenched dust and debris from soft ground and upholstery, as well as from hard surfaces.

Due to the fact that houses are prone to both wet & dry filth, this gadget has the job of cleaning both wet & dry spills, making it extremely flexible.

The Trendy Wet & Dry is equipped with plastic containers with great capacity, which can hold 8 liters of water waste and 10 liters of dust waste accumulated over time. As a result, you can clean for longer periods of time without emptying the containers frequently.


  • With an 1150W motor, the suction and blower functions are quite powerful.
  • A wide variety of accessories are available for complete cleaning.
  • Dual functionalities to clean & collect dry dust as well as liquid spills are provided.
  • Convenience is provided with an automatic power cable winder.
  • Wheels that swivel 360 degrees have been specially designed.


  • If used for a longer time, it turns hot quickly

3. Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop 

Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop 

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This Robo Vac N Mop is a lightweight, vacuum cleaner that is ideal for thorough cleaning furniture & dry surfaces in the home or office. This vacuum cleaner is capable of thoroughly cleaning all of the nooks and crannies of your home. It has slim measurements & weighs 3.32 kg, making it a great choice for travel.

 The vacuum cleaner is capable of removing deeply entrenched dust and debris from the furniture with great effectiveness. It produces sound at a noise level of around 65 dB. This cleaner is equipped with a number of functions that allow customizing the optimum airflow for the best possible cleaning results. 

This ensures that all surfaces, crevices, nooks, table-tops, window grills, and other hard-to-reach areas in your home are thoroughly cleaned.

In this price range, it’s a decent robotic vacuum cleaner. Does a good job of cleaning, is well-built, has a long battery life, has a good vacuum, navigates well, emits a moderate amount of sound (which is not unpleasant), sucks hair very well, and there is no problem with them becoming trapped anywhere around. 


  • It has a remote control operation
  • It is a multi-floor cleaner
  • It including multi-cleaning modes
  • It has a smart-scheduling
  • Termed as a 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner


  • It is a bit expensive

4. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum

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This vacuum cleaner is a modern design. It is the best canister vacuum with a strong 1000-watt motor that has received numerous awards. It provides powerful suction to remove dust and dirt that has become trapped deep within floorboards, couches, and curtains.

It is a bag canister vacuum with a zipper. A total of 1000 watts is available at the input, with a 230-volt supply. It has a suction strength of 1900 mm WC, which is adequate to dislodge hard dirt & loose litter that has become lodged in crevices and corners, is provided.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a convenient Dust Bag Full indication. In order to remind you when it’s time to drain the bag, it sends out an alert at the appropriate moment. The presence of the indicator has the advantage of preventing the bag from spilling and leaking its contents. It also helps the machine to retain its suction force & perform at its peak performance potential.


  • Helps in cleaning multiple surfaces
  • It comes with an automatic cord winder
  • It includes amazing accessories


  • It doesn’t come with any dust bag
  • It makes a lot of noise

5. Eureka Forbes Wet & Dry Ultimo Vacuum

Eureka Forbes Wet & Dry Ultimo Vacuum

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This Eureka Forbes Wet & Dry Ultimo Cleaner is fitted with a powerful 1410-watt motor that aids in the cleaning of large areas and surfaces. This unit has a capacity of 20 liters, which allows you to clean large areas without worry about emptying them between uses. It is fitted with two HEPA filters, which improves the efficiency and extends the life of each filter.

 It also has a blower mode, which allows it to remove dust from nooks and other tight spaces. The vacuum cleaner has a stylish design and is compact enough to be kept anywhere.

The Wet & Dry Ultimo vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes is a multi-surface cleaner with a strong 1400W motor and double filtration technology for a deep, full cleaning. 20-liter capacity, including a blower functions to remove debris from even the most difficult to reach places. Through the use of its innovative features, this vacuum cleaner is the safest and among the most efficient of the entire series.


  • It comes with a 20 L capacity
  • It has a strong 1400 W motor
  • It includes a wet & dry vacuum cleaner
  • For efficient functioning, it includes a double filter
  • It is safe for cleaning purposes


  • It comes with poor plastic that needs a bit improvement

6. Eureka Forbes Robo iVac

Eureka Forbes Robo iVac

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Eureka Forbes, India’s most trusted household appliances brand, comes in first place on our list. This robot of Eureka Forbes is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. Considering that this is a novel technology, Eureka Forbes is among the top vacuum brands in India to provide it. This robot vacuum is available at a low cost and eliminates a significant amount of manual labor from the cleaning process. 

This vacuum cleaner may be used for both dry cleaning and wet mopping, depending on the situation. The dirtbags are of sufficient size, and the battery has a long life span. This vacuum cleaner may be used on a variety of different surfaces. The suction power of 600 Pa is provided by this vacuum cleaner.

The unit is fitted with a 2-stage sweeping action that includes a huge dust tank for drying vacuuming and microfibre cloth with a water tank for mopping in order to ensure thorough cleaning.

It gives cleaning commands, has setting modes, and even creates schedules anywhere in the home with remote control. This ensures that cleaning is hassle-free and efficient.

The best-in-class high suction of 600 Pa ensures that even the tiniest particles of dust on the ground are properly vacuumed up and removed.

This product has the ability to automatically modify its suction power when it detects different types of flooring. It is more energy-efficient and saves on electricity.


  • For sterilizing the floor, the built-in UV lamp is really useful.
  • It has an intelligent auto docking
  • In order to clean effectively, it creates a panorama map of the house with 10 cm precision.
  • It cleans with disturbing your furniture
  • It charges automatically, without any human interference


  • There is no use of machine learning technology.

7. Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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When it comes to your home’s cleanliness and hygiene, Eureka Forbes knows that it is of the greatest priority to you. In light of this, they have included a lightweight & portable vacuum cleaner in their collection of equipment which can assist you with your household cleaning requirements fairly efficiently.

 Forbes Super Clean, a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner with great performance and powerful suction, is an excellent value for money when it comes to cleaning your home. It has dual cleaning capabilities, washing both drying surfaces at the same time, resulting in a spotless environment.

Using this convenient vacuum cleaner, which is ergonomically made, you can clean whatever you want in your home, from the dusty curtains in the room to the even filthier carpet in the living room. Additionally, this portable vacuum cleaner may be used to thoroughly clean the interiors of automobiles.

Because of the powerful 800 W engine in this vacuum cleaner, you can clean and dust every nook and cranny of your home quickly and efficiently without having to worry about paying excessive electricity bills. Due to its powerful suction and blower, it is able to remove dust from even the most difficult to reach regions, leaving your home clean and dust-free. Thermal overload protection is also included with this lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner, ensuring that it is completely safe to operate.


  • It is lightweight, convenient, and portable, featuring a shoulder strap for convenient carrying and a dust cup for convenient dust disposal.
  • It comes with a power cord with a length of 5 meters for convenient around-the-house cleaning. One can also use it for cleaning their lovable car.
  • Can reach to nooks & corners easily


  • You can’t use it continuously for longer than 15 minutes
  • It gets heat up quickly 

Why choose Eureka Forbes Vacuum for home?

Using a vac cleaner to remove dirt and grime from your home is something that everyone is familiar with. Although vacuum cleaners are considered a luxury, they are great for daily use for the following reasons: There are various positive reasons that states choosing a Eureka Forbes Vacuum can be your best choice. Have a look:

It saves time and energy

Keeping the house clean on your own can indeed be time-consuming or a regular effort that places significant reliance on household help. You can complete your everyday cleaning activities in a matter of minutes if you have a Eureka Forbes Vacuum at your disposal. While using this effective vacuum cleaner to clean your home, the most important thing to remember is that this will leave no dirt behind and you will be able to rest assured that your home is clean. 

With the Eureka Forbes Vacuum, you won’t have to bend over to reach the nooks or clear the dustpans over and over again like you would with other models. Furthermore, it aids in the removal of dust that has accumulated in hard-to-reach areas such as crevices and cracks.


Many individuals find vacuum cleaners to be hard to transport and only use them on rare occasions and sparingly. The Eureka Forbes Vacuum is transportable vacuum cleaners which you can move easily around without the inconvenience of having to deal with cords or electricity. When it comes to cleaning the corners and crevices between the furniture, the portability feature comes in handy. Eureka Forbes offers a vacuum cleaner that can also be used as a portable device, providing you with a 95-minute operating duration.

Filtration of particulates in the Air

The filters in your vacuum are responsible for capturing the majority of the dirt in your house, thereby keeping the airflow clean and free of dust mites. Dust mites are the most common source of numerous types of dust allergies. However, if you’re using a Eureka Forbes Vacuum with HEPA filters, then one can completely eliminate dust mites from your home environment.

Removes pet hair from surfaces.

Countless times have you fought to get your dog’s fur out of your lovely carpet or off of you and your furniture. If you can connect to this, you should put your trust in a Eureka Forbes Vacuum that has elements such as brushes and rollers for thorough cleaning. It will gather all of the furs and preserve them safe and intact in your dust collector until they are needed.

Comes with a lot of accessories

If you prefer to vacuum away the dust that has gathered on surfaces rather than manually dusting them, you’ll want a vac that comes with a number of attachments and equipment. Most come with at least a combined brush and crevice tool, with some models also including extra floor nozzles, an upholstered tool, and specialist accessories for certain surfaces such as tile. A vacuum with a mini-motorized tool is recommended if you have pets or if you have a lot of stairs to navigate. Eureka Forbes Vacuum offers an even greater choice of specialist equipment and extension wands that you can purchase as and when you need them.

Low maintenance required

This is a difficult topic to answer because it is very dependent on the definition of “a lot” and how time-consuming certain types of upkeep are for you. In spite of the fact that bagless vacuums don’t have bags that need to be replaced, dust bins must still be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis, especially if your household contains allergy sufferers. The Eureka Forbes Vacuum with a HEPA filter would require that filters be updated on a regular basis, depending on the environment in which the vacuum is used. Any other sort of filter, unless it is specifically designated as a washable filter, will behave in the same way.

Final note

When it comes to technology, materials, and functions, vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more diverse every year. Looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner brand in order to get the best vacuum cleaner for your needs can be a time-consuming and difficult endeavor.

The Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaners mentioned-above are carefully chosen and include detailed information on the need for cleaners, the different types of cleaners with their advantages and disadvantages, and the factors to consider when purchasing a vacuum so that you can make an informed decision that will save you both money and time.

Purchase the most appropriate one for your needs and make certain that the cleaner removes all dust particles and thoroughly cleans the area. Go through all the details and make a wise decision of buying the best vacuum cleaner of Eureka Forbes today.