Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Review: Features, Pros and Cons

With Viomi SE, this latest edition of the robot vacuum, Viomi took care of clients wanting for a less expensive alternative, as they introduced a SE edition of the portable vacuum cleaner, and for a substantially lesser price includes some of the most significant characteristics of their flagship models.

With a diameter approximately 35 cm & a height of around 9.45 cm, the round robot vacuum cleaner can fit under furnishings, beds, and raised sofas for thorough and consistent cleaning. KOSEN-NBR wheels made in Japan enable the VIOMI SE to ascend up to 2 centimetres in the air as well as over ground obstacles.

The small tyres are “cushioned” in order to clean even the most uneven floors, like the typical height differences created within joints between both the tiles. This allows the tyres to compensate for any unevenness on the floor.

Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner India

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Features of Viomi SE Robot Vacuum

Here are some of the best features of Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Intelligent operation chip of 1.2GHz

Viomi SE is capable of providing mapping and routing thanks to its 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 chip & SLAM algorithm. This not only makes operations go more quickly, but it also results in more powerful performance.

  • Strong suction of 2200Pa

The suction power can be adjusted on the fly and is managed entirely within the Xiaomi Mi app.

The Nidec brushless motor, which was manufactured in Japan and has a high power and stunning performance, cleans the room thoroughly without leaving any dead spots.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning process, the air blower increased the rotational speed to 15000 revolutions per minute.

  • 3200 mAh battery

Completely cleans your home in a single pass, covering an area of up to 2150 square feet. Got a bigger residence? You don’t need to worry because the recharge as well as resume function will get your SE back to work exactly where it was before it stopped.

The lithium-ion battery made by Samsung in South Korea has had its life improved by twenty percent, and it can now be used for a total of one hundred and twenty minutes.

  • Electric water tank

The Viomi SE can prevent leaks from occurring during the mopping process thanks to its electrically controlled water tank that maintains a constant pressure.

  • Great obstacle crossing

2cm-grade hurdle climbing capacity combined with a 12-Class sensor 2cm to facilitate right environment sensing and straightforward obstacle traversal.

  • Accurate LDS Navigation

The premium mapping & navigation experience that Viomi SE provides is made possible by its best LDS laser radar that is capable of global scanning & mapping in a 360-degree circle, as well as high speed, accuracy, and a long range.

 It will quickly understand your home and be able to handle complex house holding environments while maintaining the best price.


  • The docking station for the Viomi V3 is a compact charging dock base that is flush with the floor, in contrast to the up-ramp dock found on many other robot vacuums.
  • It is a straightforward design that does not consume an excessive amount of room.
  • The Viomi V3 comes with a variety of dust tanks and water tanks in the package, which is one of the most welcome additions.
  • The dust and water tanks of robot vacuum-mop hybrid are combined into a single container, which effectively halves the capacity for each task.

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  • In addition to this, it frequently collides with nearby objects. And then there are times when it has trouble locating its charging pod and displays a message that says “device error.”
  • It is bit expensive